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Audi TPMS Diagnostics

Audi Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) are some of the easiest to reset and relearn. The automaker has used both indirect and direct systems during the past decade. Both systems use the same relearn procedure that involves accessing the TPMS settings through the driver information center or infotainment system. The only difference between direct and indirect systems is the last step that may involve driving continuously for 10 minutes or allowing the vehicle to sit for either 10 or 20 minutes.

Undercar Service Guide: Toyota Tacoma, Tundra And Sequoia

Toyota has used the same basic chassis and brake ingredients for its full- and medium-sized trucks and SUVs for almost 20 years. Whether it is a Tundra, Tacoma or Sequoia, they use a double-wishbone front suspension with a coil-over shock. The upper and lower control arms are made of stamped steel. The knuckle is tall for improved scrub radius, SAI and steering feel. The brakes will typically use an opposed four-piston caliper in the front, and either drum or disc brakes in the rear. A live axle with leaf springs resides in the rear. The Sequoia also received a multi-link suspension mounted to a subframe.

CES Technology: The Big, The Bold And The Survivors

Do you remember the internet “bubble” in 1999 that caused financial ruin for many due to business plans that never had a plan to make money? Right now investors in autonomous vehicle technology are many; the money involved is breathtaking; and the risk is enormous for all but the few who will survive.

Today’s Vehicles Are Akin To Horses: Coming Age of Autonomous Vehicles Won’t Make Cars Obsolete

Once it’s widely adopted, self-driving technology will save lives, make commutes more productive and ease congestion in cities, but that doesn’t mean people will lose interest in driving vehicles themselves, or that their affinity for personal vehicles will diminish, says Mary DellaValle, editor of ImportCar magazine.

ACEA Oil Guide: Understanding European Motor Oils

ACEA standards are based on testing developed by the European Engine Lubricants Quality Management System (EELQMS). Think of ACEA as the SAE of Europe and EELQMS as the API/ILSAC in the U.S.

Rethinking Fuel Pump Diagnostics And Sensors

The technician diagnosed the 2011 Rogue as a bad fuel pump by squirting propane into the air intake. With propane, the engine runs, without propane, it stalls. But, after the fuel pump was replaced, the Rogue exhibited the same problem, which was a very slow, unsteady idle followed by an engine stall.

Tech Tip: MINI PCV System Diagnostics And Measurement Of Pressure

All current MINI engines incorporate a pressure–controlled crankcase ventilation system that uses various crankcase ventilation valves, depending on the engine type. Although the valves all look different, they function similarly using a spring and diaphragm assembly to control the crankcase pressure.

Silencing Brake Noise After Service

There are no shortcuts to performing a noise-free brake job. It is a difficult job that requires combining the correct parts, knowledge and preparation to make sure that the brakes do not make a noise for more than 20,000 miles or more.