Coats Expands Maxx Tire Changer Line With MAXX 50

Coats Expands Maxx Tire Changer Line With MAXX 50

The base Maxx tire changer platform now comes in 4 models total.

The Coats Company proudly announces the expansion of their Maxx tire changer line with the Maxx 50 tire changer. The Maxx 50 tire changer features many of the key Maxx features but gives low-volume shops the ability to get a best-in-class tire changer with only the essential tools they need. 

“After the launch of Maxx earlier this spring, it became very apparent to us that the modular design and upgradability of Maxx was something that truly resonated with our customer base,” said Rick Kennedy, product manager for Coats. 

Coats debuted the tech-first, Maxx tire changer line in April. The entire Maxx line is built with the technician in mind and features easy-to-use, time-saving tools available in flexible configurations. These flexible configurations and range of model options allow the shop to select the right tire changer for their current needs while maintaining flexibility as demand and tire volume evolve.  

“Maxx truly was engineered from the ground up to be able to grow and change with the varying needs of today’s shops, and this release of Maxx 50 is a further realization of that sentiment,” said Kennedy. “It represents and provides everything that shops need and nothing that they don’t – whether it’s a new shop that is just getting started in the business or a shop that has been around for decades. There truly is a Maxx for everyone.” 

At the core of all Maxx tire changers lies a brick-house rugged construction, engineered with durability in mind and backed by direct customer feedback. The Coats Company understands the challenges faced by automotive shops, and this new tire changer has been meticulously crafted to withstand the rigors of the industry. The result is a reliable tire changer that delivers consistent, top-notch performance day in and day out. 

“With the release of the Maxx 50, we’ve introduced a total of 11 new tire changers on the Maxx platform in 2023,” said Ben Pryor, VP of commercial, Coats. “The Coats Maxx Tire Changer family is built on the legacy of durability, reliability speed, and ease of use with innovative upgrades to address today’s environment.” 

The base Maxx tire changer platform now comes in 4 models total: Maxx 90, 80, 70 and now 50. Each model builds on the next with tools and features to make changing tires faster, easier, and safer. Additionally, each model is available with either an electric or air-powered motor at various voltages and speeds.  

Shops also have the option to customize their changer with tools that aren’t standard on the machine at the time of purchase or when they decide they’re ready to upgrade in the future. In both cases, a Direct Tech from The Coats Service Network will come out to install the upgrade and train users on the operation.  

“Field upgrades form the base of what Maxx can do for your business, along with brick-house construction that stands up to the harsh environment of today’s high-volume tire shop – all based on direct customer feedback,” said Kennedy.  

Even though the Maxx 50 tire changer features only the essentials, it still comes with all the features that make a Maxx the best-in-class platform.  

Unmatched Clamping Range for Versatility: 

The Maxx 50 has an impressive clamping range, making it an all-in-one solution for automotive professionals. With the capability to handle wheels ranging from 6 to 24 inches in diameter and up to 16 inches wide straight out of the box, this tire changer can effortlessly tackle anything from standard passenger car tires to 6-inch lawn mower tires, all the way up to extreme 24-inch wheel assemblies. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional tire changers, as Maxx 50 empowers your shop with unparalleled versatility. 

Redefining Speed with Dual Nozzle Bead Sealing System: 

Time is of the essence in the automotive industry, and the Maxx 50 delivers just that – more speed without compromising quality. Featuring a cutting-edge Dual Nozzle Bead Sealing System, this tire changer ensures that tires are mounted and sealed in record time. With more air and faster operation, jobs are completed quicker, allowing your team to serve more customers and boost productivity. 

Crafted in the Heartland of the USA: 

The Coats Company takes pride in its American roots, and the Maxx 50 is a testament to that pride. Designed and built in Nashville, Tennessee, this machine embodies the spirit of American engineering excellence. Investing in Maxx 50 means investing in a product that has been fine-tuned based on positive customer feedback and incorporates hardcore engineering principles to meet the highest standards. 

“At Coats, we believe in going straight to the source of innovation…the shop,” said Pryor. “Coats would like to thank all the technicians who provided input in the development of our next-generation tire changer built in Tennessee.” 

At The Coats Company, customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. The Maxx series is the embodiment of our commitment to our customers, designed with their needs in mind. It’s a user-first product that streamlines operations, making life easier for automotive professionals, and getting the job done FASTER. 

To learn more about the Maxx 50, the entire Maxx lineup, and The Coats Company, visit 

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