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BBB Announces Updated REMY Starter, Alternator Catalog

BBB Industries, LLC (BBB) recently announced the release of its updated catalog for Remy high-performance starters and alternators. The updated catalog provides customers with expanded coverage to help them generate more sales.

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Key aspects to the updated catalog include:

  • More than 58.6 million in additional vehicles in operation (VIO) catalog coverage
  • Fewer part numbers for equivalent coverage
  • Added part numbers for expanded application coverage of 7.4 million VIO
  • Expanded new unit program

“BBB’s expertise in the Rotating Electric category, combined with a clear understanding of today’s technicians and vehicles, enables us to provide reliable parts and the most comprehensive catalog to the market,” said Matt Heater, BBB’s director, marketing and product management for Rotating Electric.

See for more information and to register for updates.

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