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Tech Topics
Pulling Codes: Signal No Longer Detected, The Story of Code P0340

A Ford Windstar with a rough cold start appears to have multiple cylinders that are misfiring. Carlton... More

Pinning Down Intermittent Malfunctions On OBD II Vehicles

Although post-1996 OBD II powertrain control modules (PCMs) are generally very reliable, we're beginning... More

The Cracked Plate Coincidence: Uncovering An Uncommon Flex Plate Issue Twice In One Week

It never ceases to amaze me when I see certain types of problems in rapid succession of one another and... More

Tooling Up For The Diagnostic Process

Automotive trainer John Forro advocates knowing your tooling needs and developing a strong relationship... More

Nissan Diagnostics: Check Engine Light And Misfire Issues

The late-model Nissans have proven to be quite reliable when it comes to serial-type problems that would... More

What’s the next piece of shop equipment you plan to purchase?
Lift related - 25%
Brake Service Equipment - 4%
A/C/Coolant Equipment - 21%
Diagnostic Equipment - 36%
Torch/Welding Equipment - 4%
Tool Storage - 7%
Computer/Office - 4%
New Products
AutoEnginuity Releases Scantool 12.1

The ScanTool 12.1 features improved Audi/VW-enhanced coverage by adding thousands more trouble code ... More

LAUNCH Tech USA Announces Real-Time Remote Vehicle Diagnostics With GOLO

By using the GOLO OBD interface with any of the newly released LAUNCH Android-based scan tool tablets... More

Alert Stamping Offers 6-Watt LED Cord Reel Work Light

Alert Stamping has a full selection of SMD work lights, including the 6-Watt SMD LED Cord Reel Work Light, 5030AH... More

ACDelco Tools' ETC Power Tools Solve Under-/Over-Torquing Issues

ACDelco Power Tools introduced ETC (Electronic Torque Control) tools specifically to solve under-/ov... More

Sir Tools Offers Hub Master Kit

Sir Tools' B90 Wheel Bearing & Hub R&R Kit works on the rear wheel hub and bearing of German vehicles... More

News and Opinion
Tech Topics
Why Oil Balancing Is Critical When Replacing A Compressor

The purpose of oil balancing is to make sure the amount of oil in the A/C system remains at the correct... More

Coolant Leak Caution On 1995-2003 Nissan 3.0L And 3.5L Engines

A severe coolant leak from the water pump's weep holes causes the coolant to destroy the pump's bearing... More

Cooling System Tips For The 6.0L/7.3L Powerstroke Engine

One of the most overlooked preventive maintenance items in a diesel engine is the coolant system. Maintaining... More

Volkswagen Tech Tip: Check Engine Light Is On, Trouble Code P2181

Volkswagen owners may complain that the check engine light is on. Potential causes of a trouble code... More

Hyundai Coolant Service Basics

Most often, a Hyundai with a cooling system issue will find its way to your shop for a few reasons. One... More

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