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ZF Aftermarket Technical Training Releases Webinar Schedule

ZF Aftermarket releases its technical training topics for their live webinar trainings. Technicians, instructors, sales representatives, students, and industry professionals are invited to learn tips and tricks, and openly discuss the latest in automotive technology. The experts of the ZF Aftermarket technical training team dives into the scheduled topic for an hour, with English and Spanish versions on different days.

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“As we go into a new decade, we enter with new training topics to adapt to our changing automotive environment. We’re offering continued education to prepare technicians with what is yet to be second nature,” said Dirk Fuchs, ZF Aftermarket Technical Training Manager.

Fuchs continued, “The first round of webinars we are offering in 2020 have been sought out for the last few months as our technicians in the field are facing new challenges, so we’re excited to be a part of their learning process.” Participants of next year’s webinars will experience the concepts that are finally taking off in the auto industry through the technical expertise and viewpoint of the ZF Technical Trainers.

Participants can register for the upcoming webinars at

2020 Schedule

The upcoming webinar series is as follows:

January 22 – Mercedes Magic Body Control, English 
February 26 – Mercedes Magic Body Control, Spanish
March 11 – ZF High Voltage System Part 1: System Overview, English
March 25 – ZF High Voltage System Part 1: System Overview, Spanish
April 15 – ZF High Voltage System Part 2: New Tools and Verify Zero Potential, English
April 29 – ZF High Voltage System Part 2: New Tools and Verify Zero Potential, Spanish
May 20 – ZF High Voltage System Part 3: Diagnostic, English
June 3 – ZF High Voltage System Part 3: Diagnostic, Spanish


The remainder of the webinar schedule will be released later in 2020. Webinar dates and times are subject to change. For additional resources and the most up-to-date information on ZF Aftermarket Technical Training, visit

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