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You Are Essential In This Chaotic Environment

Question: Is your business essential?

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Answer: A resounding YES!

Shop owners, technicians, service managers, parts and counter professionals have made the DIFM (Do it for me) segment what it is today. You are the primary reason effective, affordable and reliable transportation continues across our country in good times and during challenging times.

On Friday, March 27, I made 10 random calls to repair shops across the Cleveland/Akron area. Here’s what I heard:

  1. The sound of repair work was heard during most calls. The wonderful background noise of hoods closing, power tools churning and lifts lifting.
  2. Business is steady. Phones may not be ringing as frequently as in previous weeks, but business continues.
  3. Could it change? Most agreed, but for now it’s one day at a time. One shop owner shared that Friday actually was closer to normal following a much slower day on Thursday.
  4. You are essential. Almost half of the owners or managers I spoke to commented on the vital and essential role of having their bays open for business.

I recognize the unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 virus; its disruption is causing isolation and lives being lost. My hope is that, before too much longer, this awful dilemma lifts and our lives become normal again sooner than later.


When this happens, be prepared. More than half of the 281 million light truck and passenger cars on the road are 11 years and older. 85.5 million of the 281 million are new to five years old. They’re coming your way as new car warranties expire.

Stay Healthy; Stay Ready.


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