What Was That Bolt Sequence Again?

What Was That Bolt Sequence Again?

No doubt you have experienced this before while reassembling a cylinder head.

No doubt you have experienced this before while reassembling a cylinder head: You’re either refitting a newly machined head or changing out the head gasket and you can’t find the torque specs or the proper bolt sequence. The machine shop didn’t include the info when it sent the head back and the gasket packaging isn’t any help, either. So, the work has to stop and you have to go hunting for the specs. Nothing can be more frustrating.

That’s why CRP Automotive includes a special information card with torque specs and bolt sequence in every AJUSA OE-quality head gasket and head gasket set they offer. Also included is a sticker noting when head bolt replacement is required. These information cards are printed in English and Spanish for added convenience.

For more information about AJUSA gaskets and head bolts, visit crpautomotive.com.

Courtesy of CRP Automotive.

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