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VIDEO: Battery Testing For Shop Owners

Finding the right battery takes extra knowledge and a little more time. This video is sponsored by The Network Academy.


I went in for an annual physical the other day. After looking in my ears and taking my temperature, the nurse said, “The doctor’s really busy today so I’ll tell him it looks like your heart and your lungs are probably in pretty good shape. Pay the deductible on your way out.”

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I’ll be honest, I don’t think I got my money’s worth.

I’m Doug Kaufman and if you’re not doing a thorough test of every battery that is pulled into a bay, you’re likely not giving your customers their money’s worth. And you’re missing a real opportunity to educate them on the health of their vehicle.

This may sound like an overly aggressive sales tactic, but it is essential because electrical systems have changed – and so have batteries. Today’s vehicles are complex machines, with power demands that make finding the right battery more important than ever.

Finding the right battery takes extra knowledge and a little more time. Often the right product is a premium product –like a battery with an AGM design. How do you know if AGM is a good fit instead of a conventional flooded design?

Did the car come standard with an AGM battery? How loaded is the vehicle with electronics – does it have powered windows, doors, or heated seats? Are cell phones, tablet, or computer frequently charged? If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions, the battery should be replaced with an AGM.


What makes an AGM battery better? AGM stands for “Absorbed Glass Mat” technology. Glass mat separators and reinforced plates create maximum density, providing extreme shock resistance and awesome cranking power. The pure conductive electrolyte absorbed in the glass mats activates plate surfaces for lightning-fast starts, with no terminal corrosion.

What does all that mean to you? AGM technology will power numerous electronic devices with confidence. Stereos, GPS, DVD, LCD, powered windows, doors and other accessories will benefit from this advanced type of battery power.

With two times the cycle life, 20 times the vibration protection, and great durability, AGM technology delivers better starting protection than conventional battery designs.

By not testing every battery, you miss out on a tremendous opportunity to educate your customers about the complexity of their cars. You’ll create a bond with the customer even if you don’t sell them a battery during that visit.

This video is sponsored by The Network Academy.

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