Techs Want Quality – So Do Customers (VIDEO)

Techs Want Quality – So Do Customers (VIDEO)

High-quality parts and trusted brands are at the top of every technician's list. Sponsored by The Group Training Academy.


In a recent survey, professional automotive technicians like yourself were asked what factors most influenced their engine management purchasing decisions – High-Quality Parts and Trusted Brand were at the top of the list.

How can you be certain that the part you install in your customer’s car is right and won’t result in a comeback? One of the key ways to do that is to simply select a product that’s engineered for correct on-vehicle performance, and a long service life.

Easy right? Of course, that’s simple to say – not always easy to do.

Standard knows that what goes into each successful repair starts with what comes out of the box. But what’s in the box?

Some products come from “suppliers,” who are might be better identified as product importers, getting their parts from multiple sources. Standard is different – as an expert manufacturer with 13 engineering facilities across the globe, they’re able to engineer, test and validate their products, giving you the confidence that your repair will be completed correctly, with no comebacks.

Hundreds of engineers, technicians and designers, supported by state-of-the-art validation labs, use 3D design modeling, CAD electronic circuit design and other cutting-edge resources to ensure 100 percent consistent product reliability.

Now, you probably already know Standard from their industry-leading ignition coil program, but they offer more than 50,000 different parts including ABS Sensors, VVT Components and all new, No-Core Turbocharger kits.

OE coils are known for high failure rates, so many professional technicians look for quality aftermarket replacements, rather than installing the same OE part that is known to fail. Standard and Blue Streak ignition coils are engineered to perform correctly on the vehicle and last. Blue Streak coils include several design improvements over the OE like integrated seals to eliminate moisture intrusion and additional secondary bobbins to help keep the coil cool.

Many new vehicles now use multi-directional ABS Sensors. These are part of the electronic crash avoidance system and tells the vehicle not just how fast the wheel is rotating, but also which direction it is rotating. Standard uses multiple micro sensors inside the ABS Sensor to provide the vehicle with the data it needs. Lower-cost aftermarket competitors don’t.

Like ignition coils, VVT components have also seen high OE failure rates. Standard and Blue Streak’s VVT program includes solenoids, sprockets, oil control valves and kits. Blue Streak solenoids and sprockets include improvements to aid in lubrication to help extend service life.

Turbochargers don’t have to be remanufactured. Standards line of all new, no core turbocharger kits give you everything you need in one box and there is no messy core to return. Standard Turbocharger Kits are available for popular import and domestic, gas and diesel cars trucks and SUVs.

Since 1919, Standard has been recognized as a reliable supplier of quality, premium automotive parts engineered for superior performance and durability. To learn more, visit

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This video is sponsored by The Group Training Academy.

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