Tech Tip: Honda Fit's HVAC Blower Motor Works Only On High Speed

Tech Tip: Honda Fit’s HVAC Blower Motor Works Only On High Speed

Applies To:

2009-’10 Fit – All

2011 Fit – From VIN JHMGE8…B5000001 through JHMGE8…B5000012

2011 Fit – From VIN JHMGE8…BC000001 through JHMGE8…BC012605


The HVAC blower motor works only on high speed.

Probable Cause:

Excessive current draw from the HVAC blower motor causes the blower resistor to fail.

Corrective Action:

Replace the HVAC blower motor and the blower ­resistor.

Parts Information:

HVAC Blower Motor: P/N 79310-TF0-G01

Blower Resistor: P/N 79335-TF0-G01.


Repair Procedure:

Fig. 11. Remove the passenger-side dashboard undercover (see Fig. 1):

a. Gently pull down the front edge to detach the clips.

b. Pull the cover toward you to release the pins.

Fig. 22. Replace the HVAC blower motor (see Fig. 2):

a. Disconnect the connector.

b. Remove the three screws and the blower motor.

c. Install the new blower motor with the three screws, then connect the connector.

Fig. 33. Replace the blower resistor (see Fig. 3):

a. Disconnect the connector.

b. Remove the two screws and the blower resistor.

c. Install the new blower resistor with the two screws, then connect the connector.

4. Reinstall the passenger’s dashboard undercover by pushing the pins and the clips securely into place. Replace any damaged clips. 

Courtesy of ALLDATA. 

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