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Know Your Engine When Determining Spark Plug Service Intervals

How much easier and simpler would life be if every problem had a one-size-fits-all solution? Unfortunately, that will never be the case since almost every conundrum must be mitigated via a solution that involves the precise implementation of a diverse set of actions that have to link seamlessly in order to optimize or improve the

VIDEO: BMW N54 Valve Cover Diagnostics

The BMW N54 engine uses a unique PCV system. This video is sponsored by Elring.

Toyota/Lexus: Critical Wear Areas, Vacuum Test Locations

There are several variables that influence vacuum readings.

JEGS Hydraulic Valve Lifter Removal Tool

Save time and frustration with stuck lifters.

VIDEO: The Importance Of Valve Stem Seals

Doug Kaufman explains what it means when a valve stem seal is damaged. This video is sponsored by MAHLE.

MAHLE Aftermarket Expands Its Product Lines By Adding 150 New Part Numbers

The new offerings are for a variety of gaskets, pistons and piston rings, filters, valves, engine bearings and turbochargers now available for both light vehicle and heavy-duty applications.