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Meyle Launches New Pre-Assembled Wheel Bearing Repair Kit

This Meyle kit covers Audi, Ford, Mercedes-Benz and VW vehicles.

When Do Control Arms Need To Be Replaced?

There are many reasons to replace the front or rear control arm assembly, the most common of which are worn-out bushings or ball joints and rust. A typical stamped steel control arm will show signs of rust and corrosion. The life expectancy can be shortened due to exposure to water and road salt.

control arm replacement
Ball Joint Friction And Wear

If you went to the doctor for a routine examination, and he pulled out some heavy-duty medical instruments right away, you might get a little scared that fixing your ailment might be worse than the ailment itself. The same is true for ball joints and tie rods.

bal joint friction wear featured
Kia: Uncovering Unperformed Maintenance

While some vehicle problems will motivate the customer to make an appointment, an equal amount of Kia repair opportunities will be discovered as the vehicle is being serviced. If you’re not already doing so, always encourage your customers to keep their vehicle maintenance up to date. And, just as important, let them know your techs are

Kia Maintenance Service