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Wagner ThermoQuiet CeramicNXT Brake Pads Available For 2014 Jeep Cherokee

Federal-Mogul’s Wagner brake products brand has introduced into the aftermarket rear brake pads for 2014 Jeep Cherokee models. These Wagner ThermoQuiet CeramicNXT low-copper pads (No. QC1734) and three additional new pad sets for late-model applications are available immediately through leading automotive parts distributors.

Bosch Expands EuroLine Disc Brake Pad Line

Bosch announces the expansion of its line of EuroLine Disc Brake Pads. Sixty-six new part numbers are now available to North American customers. Introduced in 2013, Bosch EuroLine Disc Brake Pads, are designed to provide the best performance for the most popular European vehicles on the road in North America today, said the company.

CARDONE Expands Master Cylinder Coverage

CARDONE Industries recently announced an expansion of its line of master cylinder SKUs to cover millions more vehicles on the road. The company now offers a total of 2,164 SKUs in its A1 CARDONE Reman Master Cylinders product lineup to cover more than 217 million vehicles.

Bosch Expands QuietCast Disc Brake Rotor Line

Bosch has announced the expansion of its line of premium QuietCast brake rotors. Bosch estimates that the addition of 215 new part numbers will increase coverage to 95 percent of all vehicles in operation (VIO) and includes many late-model applications. Currently, one out of every three vehicles on the road in North America – Domestic, Asian and European – use Bosch braking components, according to the company.

Wagner ThermoQuiet CeramicNXT Brake Pads Now Available For Several Additional Late-Model Applications

Wagner ThermoQuiet CeramicNXT brake pads featuring the brand’s exclusive 2021-compliant low-copper friction technology have been introduced for 2014 Mazda 6 passenger cars and several other popular late-model foreign nameplate and domestic applications.

Bosch Offers Eco-Friendly, Copper-Free Brake Pads

In response to legislation requiring the reduction of copper in friction formulations, Bosch has announced the use of its first copper-free ceramic material in the premium-grade QuietCast line of braking products. Bosch provides full coverage for domestic, Asian and European cars, vans and SUVs with one out of every three vehicles on the road today using Bosch braking components, according to the company.

Fluid Rx Diagnostics Shows True Fluid Condition

For years, automotive repair and oil change facilities had limited methods when it came to convincing car owners it was time to service engine and drivetrain fluids and oils. Those options were the old standard time/mileage formula, “bad” color and odor, or referring to the vehicle’s owner manual. Fluid Rx Diagnostics has changed this paradigm with an easy-to-use chromatographic technology analysis that recommends fluid services based on the actual condition of the fluids.