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Sealed Units Matter (VIDEO)

By sealing the joint, engineers can use better greases and materials to increase the longevity. Sponsored by TRW.

Top Five Brake Tips (VIDEO)

Here are five tips on brake jobs tips for technicians. This video is sponsored by TRW.

How Do Brakes Work? (VIDEO)

You must use a brake pad that matches the original performance characteristics. This video is sponsored by TRW.

Replacing Chassis Parts in Pairs (VIDEO)

You are not doing the customer any favors by installing just one strut, spring, or bushing. This video is sponsored by TRW.

ZF Aftermarket Releases 151 New TRW Part Numbers In Q4

The new products are part of the TRW Corner Module, combining braking, steering and suspension.

TRW Announces Its Latest Range Extension

ZF Aftermarket’s latest range extension for its TRW-branded ‘Corner Module’ offer of braking, steering and suspension components features SKUs for the newest models of some of the most popular vehicle manufacturers across North America, including Ford, Honda, GMC and Jeep.

TRW Aftermarket Launches Coil Spring Program In North America

With an initial offering of 303 SKUs, the program covers 90 percent of the North American coil spring aftermarket, and includes parts for Chevy Avalanche; Chrysler 300; Dodge Ram; Ford E/F150; Ford Focus; Honda Accord; Jeep Liberty and Nissan Pathfinder.

TRW Aftermarket Announces First Range Extension Of 2016

Covering 95 percent of the NA chassis aftermarket, equating to 31 million vehicles, this latest range extension includes the very latest parts for: Nissan Rouge & Select; Toyota Prius; Hyundai Elantra; Ford Transit Connect and Ford 250 Super Duty. It comprises of 27 control arms; 20 tie rod assemblies; 18 tie rod ends; 14 inner tie rods; 14 stabilizer links; seven bushings; four ball joints and one rack and pinion bellows.