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Transmission Fluid Hydraulics

You need to know how transmission fluid flows inside an automatic transmission.

Nissan CVT Transmission Installation

The dowel pins are solely responsible for properly aligning and locating the transmission onto the back of the engine.

Constant Velocity Transmission Maintenance Procedures

A CVT transmission requires more or the same frequency of fluid and filter changes as a conventional automatic transmission.

Mercedes – Benz Transmission

Lets take a closer look at the 722.6 5-speed automatic transmission, also known as the 5G-Tronic or the NAG1.

AISIN Launches 2 New Automatic Transmission Fluids

The new automatic transmission fluids are for Mazda and Subaru applications.

Lucas Oil Transmission Fix Corrects Common Issues

Designed to stop seal leaks and hard shifting in high-mileage transmissions.

Servicing and Maintaining Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

In this episode of the Lubrizol 360 podcast, we discuss the service and maintenance implications of the growing number of hybrid and electric vehicles. We sit down with Lubrizol’s Martin Birze and My Hang Truong discuss how vehicles like the BMW i3, Chevy Volt and Toyota Prius are changing how engine oil and driveline fluids

CRP Automotive Now Offers Pentosin Transmission Fluid Service Kits For European Vehicles

The kits feature OE-approved Pentosin fluid and Rein Automotive replacement parts for easy installation.

CRP Automotive Offers 2 New Pentosin Automatic Transmission Fluids For Mercedes-Benz Applications

Pentosin ATF 134 FE (Blue) Transmission Fluid is designed for the latest generation Mercedes-Benz 7-G Tronic Plus (NAG II+) automatic transmissions, while Pentosin ATF 134 (Red) Transmission Fluid is designed for Mercedes-Benz 4, 5 and 7-speed transmissions up to June 2010.

CRP Automotive Introduces Special Pentosin Transmission Fluid Service Kits

CRP Automotive has developed three special service kits designed to simplify transmission fluid service on Audi, BMW and VW vehicles.

Automatic Transmission Fluid Varieties

Why are there so many types of automatic transmission fluid? You might ask yourself this question when you are tasked with ordering a few quarts for an Asian or European vehicle that rolls into your shop.

Modern Oil Changes And The Changing Functional Fluid & Filters Market

Gary Goms asks, “What ever happened to the $19.95 oil change?” The answer is that it disappeared along with the ­“dinosaur” oils of the day. Using the $19.95 oil change as an example, he explores how you can best meet the challenges of the modern ­fluids and filters market by ­looking at the costs involved.