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TPMS Curve Balls for European Vehicles

You May Think You Know the Cause of a TPMS Problem, Until One Car Defies It When you think you know everything about tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), there will be a car or truck that pulls into your bays and challenges all of your knowledge and diagnostic skills. It may not be a case


The reset procedure requires driving the vehicle with the pressure set to the specification set on the door placard.

Top 3 Import TPMS Installations That Cost Time And Money

Don’t assume that if a TPMS tool can’t diagnose or program a sensor that the sensor is bad. Something else may be to blame.

Reducing Risks Of Damaging Tires, TPMS Sensors And Rims

If your shop doesn’t do TPMS auditing, here’s what I suggest: Start doing TPMS auditing.

VIDEO: TPMS Sensor Case Study

Learn how to resolve a customer’s TPMS sensor signal problem. This video is sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

Dynamic TPMS Introduces The DVT-PRO Sensor

This new single sensor solution is an addition to the Dynamic DVT Pro-Select three-sensor offering.

TPMS Diagnostic And Replacement Tips

The latest TPMS tools are part diagnostic scan tool and part low-power radio wave diagnostic tools.

Volkswagen TPMS Tips

VW tire pressure monitoring system relearns can be the most time-consuming repair if you don’t follow exact procedures.

Servicing TPMS Sensors With A Little Tender Loving Care

Most TPMS sensors are held in with the use of just a screw or a nut, but if they are not assembled or torqued properly, the results can be catastrophic. Carelessness can result in a broken sensor or even a customer being stranded with a flat tire.

Stocking TPMS Service Kits And Sensors

If you service tires, you should be stocking TPMS service kits as well as sensors. Avoiding the investment in parts and training could leave you with customers who are not satisfied. But, with aftermarket manufacturers of TPMS service items making them more economical for your shop to stock, you shouldn’t give it a second thought.