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Toyota/Lexus: Best Practices for Timing Belt Replacements

Service procedures are not suggestions. This video is sponsored by Continental.

300,000+ VW 2.0L TDI Diesels Need A Good Home And Shop

There are a lot of 2009-2015 diesel Jettas, Bugs and Golfs hitting used car lots even after the Dieselgate scandal.

VIDEO: Timing Belt Replacement: Doing It Right The First Time

Andrew Markel explains how a timing belt cannot be skimped on, and how doing the complete job correctly will make the vehicle last another 90,000 miles. Sponsored by Nissan.

Timing Belt Replacement: Case Study Test Job Has Dual Benefit

This article will be a case study on a 2010 Kia Rio with a 1.6L engine that details the replacement of the timing belt as a maintenance item. Like most carmakers, Kia is moving away from timing belts and going with timing chains. Only the 1.6L used in the smaller Kia models continues to use a belt-type main drive with the camshafts tied together by a chain under the valve cover.