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Air Ride Diagnostics: Thinking Through The Problem And Not Swapping Parts

Air ride systems can control vehicle ride height, passenger comfort and improve handling. How they operate and work with the rest of the systems on the vehicle is part of the embedded logic of their control system.

Fuel Trim Diagnostics: Should You Trust The Sensors?

Fuel-injected engines can adjust the fuel trim by altering the injector open time. The longer the open-time of the injector, the greater amount of fuel is injected into the engine.

Attention To Tension: Why Start-Stop Engines Still Require Belt Diagnosis

As many start-stop vehicles are aging out of warranty, you are likely to be encountering them in your service bays. Whether they are a true hybrid vehicle or have a conventional powertrain, attention to the underhood condition of the belts can be a profit center for you as well as a safety check for your customers.

Volkswagen Electronic Parking Brake Service

The majority of Volkswagen vehicles sold in the past five years have electronic parking brakes. Most customers don’t even realize that the vehicle has an electronic parking brake. The system engages and disengages the parking brake automatically on most vehicles.

Understanding Today’s Performance Brake Components

The first question to ask yourself and the customer is what does brake performance mean and how does it apply to their vehicle? A driver’s expectations can vary depending on their experience and how much propaganda they have absorbed.

Understanding Steering Sensors

The vehicle uses sensors that measure steering angle, brake pedal position and throttle angle to know where the driver wants the vehicle to go.