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Subaru Tech Tip: Harsh AWD Engagement/Code 45 Set

If you encounter a TCU Code 45 (intake manifold pressure signal) on any 1999-2002 4EAT Subaru vehicle, and have confirmed the wiring and connectors as outlined in the appropriate service manual, it will be necessary to replace the TCU with one listed in TSB 16-66-02.

Mazda Tech Tip: Hesitation/Surge or MIL on with DTSC P0102/P0103

The Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) may illuminate with diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) P0102 and/or P0103 on any 1998-’99 Mazda B-Series 2.5L.

Volkswagen Tech Tip: Clutch Pedal Does Not Fully Return/Cruise Control Inoperative

On some VWs, the clutch pedal does not fully return to a stop and the cruise control (if equipped) will not function. The problem may be caused by the clutch pedal over the center spring dropping out of position.

BMW Tech Tip: Hard Shifts/Leak at Torque Converter Seal

BMW owners may complain of difficult shifting. An inspection performed by a trained technician may also uncover noise coming from the transmission oil pump or a transmission fluid leak from the radial seal on torque converter. Refer to the following tech tip for helpful service pointers.

Tech Tip: Curing Unstable Idle Conditions on Hyundai Vehicles

Some Hyundai vehicles with 2.4L or 3.5L engines may experience an intermittent unstable idle condition. Follow this simple procedure to diagnose an intermittently sticking closed EGR solenoid valve.

Tire Tech Tip: Is There Still a Need for Dedicated Winter and Summer Tires?

Technology appears to have closed the gap between the types, but will we ever see one ultra tire that delivers high levels of traction, braking, handling and wear in every weather condition, every part of the country, every month of the year?

Tech Tip: How Engine Oil Becomes Engine Sludge

Fresh engine oil is a clear, free-flowing liquid blend of base stock and additives that contains no fuel, water, coolant, dirt or other contaminants. In engines that have failed prematurely, the oil has very often been transformed into a high viscosity deposit of brown or black goo, commonly referred to as "sludge."

Tech Tip: ASC Reminds Technicians that Mazda Water Pump Twins are not Identical

When referring to a catalog, whether OEM or aftermarket, a technician will find two different part numbers for a water pump for the Mazda MPV V6 3.0 liter: one for model years 1989 to 1995 (Pump A) and one for model years 1996 to 1998 (Pump B). No problem, right? Where the problem lies is the transition between 1995 and 1996 models where the vehicle could be equipped with either pump. If the wrong pump is installed, it can lead to a big headache.

Tech Tip: Clutch Replacements – Don’t Turn Them Away

Clutch replacement does not have the prestige of driveability diagnostics, but at times, it pays better. Some shops turn away clutch replacements in fear of comebacks and lost productivity. But, clutch replacement offers the shop opportunities to sell additional services that might slip past the bottom line.

Volkswagen Tech Tip: Humming Noise From Front of Vehicle During Cornering

A humming sound coming from the general area of the front end may be noticeable on 1998 Beetles during slow-speed turning with the steering wheel almost to the full turning position. The noise may be generated from the differential spider gear contacting the one-piece thrust washer under load. In addition, the noise goes away when the steering wheel is returned to the center position.

Tech Tip: Volkswagen Coolant Pump Leakage

Coolant pump seals are designed to use coolant as a lubricant. This design intentionally uses a small amount of coolant to coat the seals during pump operation. Any excess coolant that accumulates will exit the weep hole when the engine cools down.

Tech Tip: Curing Honda Rear Suspension Noise and ABS Pump Maladies

Certain 1988-2000 Civics may exhibit a clunk or squeak from the rear suspension when driven over rough or bumpy roads. The probable cause is a broken rear trailing arm bushing(s).