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Tech Tip: Honda Suspension System Diagnosis and Service

Like most vehicles, the suspension system on a Honda or Acura will give its owner many miles of trouble-free service. But with the amount of miles these cars deliver, it’s only a matter of time before they will need some type of repair. And unlike some of the other systems on the car, the suspension may not provide a clear indication to the driver that a problem exists. It’s really up to the technician to identify problems while routine or related service is being performed.

Tech Tip: Hyundai Timing Belt and Chain Replacement on 1996 Elantra Models

This bulletin describes the valve timing procedures necessary when installing a timing belt or transfer drive chain on 1996 Elantra models. The importance of this information cannot be over-emphasized, because improper valve timing can result in driveability problems, such as loss of power, poor idle quality and, in severe cases, stalling and cylinder head damage.

Tech Tip: Diagnosing Subaru Cooler Weather and Driveability Complaints

As the winter season approaches, cooler weather becomes apparent in many parts of the country. With this cooler weather comes the common cool-weather-related driveability complaints.

Tech Tip: Understanding Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Are a good number of the vehicles on the road today equipped with underinflated tires? Look down at the tires on the car in front of you in traffic, and the answer may be obvious. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducted an inspection of 6,240 vehicles within a 14-day period in August of 2001. They did this at service stations with the cooperation from motorists who stopped to refuel.

Tech Tip: Regular Fluid Flushes are Good for Transmissions

Out with the old and in with the new. Transmission fluid flushing is a service that replaces old worn-out automatic transmission fluid (ATF) with fresh new fluid to prolong the life of the transmission. Considering the fact that it costs $1,500 to $2,200 or more to replace a transmission or transaxle these days, the cost of a fluid flush is peanuts by comparison.

Tech Tip: Air Flow Sensors – Understanding Their Function and Potential Problems

Most of us remember the "good old days" when an engine’s air/fuel (a/f) ratio was controlled by a mechanically operated carburetor. Due to the inherent design limitations of mechanical systems, however, carburetors don’t respond efficiently to changes in barometric pressure, temperature and humidity.

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