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Toyota Camry Tech Tip: ABS Noise, Warning Lamps And Code C1431

Some 2012-’13 model year Camry vehicles may exhibit a condition where ABS brake actuator pump motor noise is heard from the engine compartment with Brake ABS and/or TRAC warning lamp(s) illuminated and DTC C1431 stored.

Mercedes-Benz Tech Tip: Howling Noise From Rear At 50-70 MPH

Vehicle owners may complain of a howling noise in the drivetrain in the area of the rear axle between 80 km/h and 110 km/h (50 mph to 70 mph). The cause could be resonance in the drivetrain stimulated by the meshing of the gear set in the rear axle differential (drive pinion/ring gear).

Volkswagen Tech Tip: DTC P0401, Followed By P2463, Due To High Soot Loads Before Regeneration Cycle

The car owner may complain that the MIL light is on. When the codes are scanned, code P0401 Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow Insufficient and P2463 DPF Soot Accumulation will be stored in the ECM.

Tech Tip: Subaru Electric Parking Brake Inoperative

This bulletin announces a new replacement EPB actuator assembly to address DTC C0251. In isolated cases, the automatic calibration function of the EPB actuator may not always occur when turning the ignition on.

BMW Tech Tip: DSC Module Aborted When Programming Vehicle

The DSC module may no longer communicate when connected to ISTA/D or ISTA/P. As a result, the DSC module cannot be reprogrammed.

BMW water pump open