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Audi Stop/Start Systems

Stop/start systems are here to stay. As much as some people complain about them, others really don’t mind them, and even like the improvement in fuel economy. Audi first equipped some models with stop/start systems as a standard feature in 2013.  Just by looking at the starter, alternator or transmission, it is difficult to determine

Ignition Parts Trace Legacy To Yesterday’s Innovation (Video)

Ignition used to be a problem, but innovation intervened. This video is presented by The Group Training Academy.

Start-Stop System Synopsis (VIDEO)

Concerns about a starter working don’t only happen at the beginning of a trip. Sponsored by The Group Training Academy.

VIDEO: Timing Belts And Stop/Start Vehicles

Find out how the engine can kick back during stop/start operation. This video is sponsored by Litens.

Diagnostic Strategies For Stop/Start Systems

This function of the power management system uses several modules to decide when the engine needs to stop and start.

Service Opportunities With Stop/Start-Equipped Vehicles

A vehicle that is equipped with a stop/start system may soon be coming to your bays or might already be there on some European and Asian vehicles. These systems can improve fuel economy by 3-5 percent, depending on the driving habits of the customer. For your shop, it is essential to understand what is different on these vehicles, and how those differences might change your diagnostic approach.