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Bendix Invests In First Major Solar Project

The installation will deliver $140k in utility savings annually and a 3% carbon footprint reduction.

New PRO-LOGIX 100A Flashing Power Supply From SOLAR

Clore Automotive introduces a new 12-volt 100A flashing power supply and 60/40/10A battery charger from SOLAR. The PL6100 is designed to provide stable power, on demand up to 100 amps, to a vehicle electrical system to support module reprogramming.

Clore Introduces New SOLAR PRO-LOGIX 12V Smart Battery Charger

Advanced charging logic, robust components, quick set-up and smart display feedback mean effective and efficient charging for your operation, according to Clore.

SOLAR Adds Start-Stop Battery Testing To Its BA9’s Capabilities

Clore Automotive has expanded the testing range of its Model No. BA9, a 12V digital battery and system tester, from SOLAR. The BA9 can now test Start-Stop AGM and Start-Stop Enhanced Flooded batteries, in addition to the flooded, AGM, spiral wound and gel cell batteries it has always been able to test.