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SKF Tech Tip: Replacing A Wheel Hub Flange, Bearing Guide

Damaged parts or improper torquing can cause premature hub failure and issues with overall vehicle performance.

SKF Extends Its Line Of Knuckle Assemblies To Include 2002-2006 Nissan Altima 3.5L

SKF knuckle assemblies are designed to facilitate replacement of first-generation wheel bearings by eliminating the need for press work and special tools. They are preassembled and are ready to be bolted on for installation out of the package.

SKF Tech Tip: Reusing Circlips

Circlip retainers are important to help maintain the proper seating and function of the wheel bearing. Depending on the vehicle application, there may be one or two circlips that facilitate retention of the bearing.

SKF Launches New Website

The new website features installation and product videos throughout, along with a detailed literature section providing access to product sell sheets, installation instructions and technical tips.

SKF Introduces New Hub Bearing Part Numbers For Jaguar, Chevrolet, Ford, Lincoln And Jeep

SKF’s hub bearing kit is designed to save time by providing everything an automotive technician needs to replace a hub bearing, including a cartridge-style wheel bearing, C-clip, axle nut, seals and a premium hub flange that meets 100 percent OE specification.