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Twin-Tube Or Monotube Shocks, What’s The Difference? (Video)

Twin-tube and monotube shocks serve different purposes. This video is sponsored by KYB.

How Shocks And Struts Contribute To Ride Comfort

The valving in most replacement shocks is designed for the specific application.

Monroe ‘Shockmobiles’ To Continue ‘Feel The Difference’ Consumer Education Tour

The Monroe Shockmobiles will continue to stop at shops, retailers, consumer events and landmarks around North America this year.

Active Shocks And Struts: What Are They And Why Are They Active?

For a shock or strut to be active, it must be able to react to three critical streams of information. First, it must act on information from the ABS and stability control system. Second, it must measure body movement. Third, it must detect the extent and rate of suspension movement.

15 Ride Control Service Tips To Help You Sell The Job And Do It Right

The customer will not be happy if he brought the car in for a knocking noise, was sold a couple hundred dollars worth of struts and/or ball joints, etc., and the noise is still there. If he then takes the car elsewhere and the knocking noise is fixed with a couple of $20 sway bar bushings, that guy is going to think he got beat. This underscores the importance of addressing the customer’s complaint before that vehicle leaves your shop.