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Road-Testing Customer Vehicles

Before you hand the keys back to your customer, a road-test will verify the quality of your repair. But as Zurich American Insurance Company explains, it can also help reduce your shop’s liability risks.

Top 5 Tools: James Rosson, Rosson Radiator A/C Repair Shop

The Top 5 Favorite Tools of Top Technicians

SafeShop: Study Says Laundered Reusable Shop Towels Pose No Health Risk to Workers

Scientific study refutes claims of health risk by disposables industry.

Tips to Keep the Shop Clean from Top to Bottom

To help automotive shops improve cleanliness and productivity, Cintas Corporation offers 10 tips for maintaining a clean shop environment. 1. Plan daily floor maintenance. Shop floor cleanliness is increasingly important as many technicians take customers into the service area to discuss their vehicle’s condition. To keep floors in the service area clean, develop daily floor

Tool Tip: Maximizing Tools: Diagnosing ABS/ESC Hydraulic Control Units

Brake & Front End Editor Andrew Markel finds the root cause of a brake pull using Innovative Products of America’s Brake System Analyzer.

A Great Catch! Win a Bass Pro Shops Gift Card

Your list of Top 5 Favorite Tools could win you a $25 gift card. And now you can call in your favorites.

SafeShop: Diesel and Gasoline Exhaust

Diesel and gasoline exhaust can be hazardous to employees working in dealerships and automotive services businesses. And not just those working in the shop are at risk; office employees can also be exposed through poor ventilation systems. Zurich provides information on how to help protect your business and your employees.

SafeShop: Eye Safety At Work Is Everyone’s Business

Preventing Work-Related Eye Injuries Each day, about 2,000 U.S. workers receive medical treatment because of eye injuries sustained at work. Workplace injury is a leading cause of eye trauma, vision loss, disability and blindness, and can interfere with your ability to perform your job and carry out normal activities. Employers and workers need to be

Directions: The Impact of HF0-1234yf on Service Shops

According to the new refrigerant’s developers, there are chemical differences between HFO-1234yf and the current R-134a system. As a shop owner, you’ll need to learn the Safety, Equipment and Charging Issues surrounding this new refrigerant.

SafeShop: Proper Care for Your Most Important Tools

The economy may be floundering, but a great way to fight back is to focus on your strengths: top-quality service, frugality and working smart — using every tool at your disposal. And among your most important tools are your hands. Taking care of your hands — and your employees’ hands — makes your lives a

Loss Prevention: Responding to Automobile Safety Recalls

When a safety recall is issued by an auto manufacturer, potential risks can extend beyond the manufacturer and affect other automotive businesses. It’s important for automotive businesses to have a plan of action in place to help address potential issues arising from recalls that can have an immediate impact on their inventory or fleet.

It’s Cold Outside: Reduce Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents

It’s no secret that slip, trip and fall accidents increase substantially during the winter months – December through March. But there are things repair shops can do to reduce these falls and minimize their risk.