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Duramax 6.6L Turbocharger Replacement (VIDEO)

No matter the symptoms or parts, the root cause of the failure must be diagnosed and resolved. Sponsored by Cardone.

What To Inspect Before Replacing The Serpentine Belt (VIDEO)

Friction between the belt and pulleys wears away at the belt. This video is sponsored by the Group Training Academy.

VIDEO: Belt Tensioner Replacement

Sell the complete job up front. This video is sponsored by Continental.

VIDEO: Power Steering Pump Replacement And Belt Drive Service

It’s critical the pulley is in alignment and the belt is not contaminated. This video is sponsored by Litens.

VIDEO: When To Replace A Brake Caliper

Andrew Markel discusses the signs that a brake caliper may need to be replaced by looking at the dust boot and the caliper guide pins. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

Cartridge Oil Filter Replacement: 10 Installation Tips

An oil change is probably one of the least expensive services your shop offers, but it has the possibility to result in one of the most expensive comebacks if a mistake is made. Cartridge oil filters make potential mistakes more likely because they require more knowledge and tools to properly change the oil than a

Oil filter
Air Filter Show & Tell: Seeing Is Believing

Air filter replacement shouldn’t be a tough sell. Once you show a customer their dirty filter, the need for replacement becomes obvious.

Dirty air filter