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Mercedes-Benz AC Service

Here’s what you need to know about R-1234yf refrigerant in Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Never Flush A Parallel-Flow A/C Condenser (VIDEO)

Today’s condensers are efficient & vulnerable for the same reason. This video is sponsored by The Group Training Academy.

Are Your Customers’ A/C Systems Facing ‘Black Death?’ (VIDEO)

Drivers don’t know refrigerants – make sure you do. This video is presented by The Group Training Academy.

Help Customers Understand A/C Issues Even In Winter (Video)

Drivers don’t know refrigerants – make sure you do. This video is presented by The Group Training Academy.

Check the Label Before Replacing A/C Refrigerant

Never attempt to service a car’s air conditioning system without first checking the SAE J639 sticker.

Tech Tip: A/C Service With The R-1234yf Refrigerant

Vehicles with R-1234yf have different service fittings to prevent cross-contamination with different refrigerants.

Servicing HVAC Systems With The New R-1234yf Refrigerant

SAE-certified productivity guidelines require specific equipment performance, purity and safety guidelines.

Servicing R1234yf: Are You Ready?

R1234yf, tabbed the replacement for R134a, has been in service now for a few years on certain models from FCA and GM as well as several European models. R1234yf is estimated to be fitted on 35 million vehicles worldwide. The EU has already banned R134a as of Jan. 2017, and the U.S. will follow suit by 2020. While most independent shops haven’t had to deal with it yet, you will start seeing them soon, so you should be prepared to service them by getting the right tools.

Robinair And MACS Worldwide To Provide Free Section 609 Test Prep Webinar And Online Test

The webinar will take approximately 90 minutes and at the end technicians can become Section 609 certified to work on vehicles using R-12, R-134a and R-1234yf refrigerant when they take the online test provided and successfully pass the test.

ASE: Refrigerant Sales Restriction Compounds The Need For Section 609 Credentials

Beginning on Jan. 1, 2018, the EPA will require Section 609 credentials to purchase non-ozone-depleting refrigerants such as R-134a and R-1234yf.

MAHLE Service Solutions Offers Premier SAE-Certified Unit For R-134a Heavy-Duty Vehicle A/C Service

MAHLE Service Solutions is currently offering a promotion that includes a free unit cover for customers who purchase an ACX1180C machine between Aug. 7 and Sept. 30.

New A/C Service Unit From MAHLE Service Solutions Helps Aftermarket Shops Economically Service R1234yf Vehicles

An external refrigerant identifier minimizes costly refrigerant cross contamination risks. The ACX1250 is designed to recover more than 95% of automobile A/C system refrigerant.