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Redline Detection Launches EasyConnect

Technicians can snap the adapters into an easily accessible line, then connect their smoke machine to the EVAP system.

Redline Detection Launches New SpeedSmoke

SpeedSmoke has full-featured diagnostic capabilities to pinpoint faults in naturally aspirated engines and much more.

Redline Detection High Pressure Diagnostic Leak Detection

The PowerSmoke PRO Diagnostic Leak Detector finds high pressure leaks, saving you time and money.

Redline Detection Smoke Machines Are Now Compatible With Nitrogen

Redline equipment has been chosen for mandatory essential tool programs by some of the world’s largest OEMs: Mazda, Nissan, Infiniti, Jaguar Land Rover, Subaru, Tesla, Volvo and others.

Redline Detection Technology Now Offers First UL-Listed Smoke Machine

With more than 120 years of experience and the development of more than 1,500 Standards, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a widely recognized global safety science organization, providing one of the highest levels of testing and qualification.

Mazda Selects Redline Detection Dual Purpose Diagnostic Leak Detector For Its Tool And Equipment Program

The Mazda Dual Purpose Diagnostic Leak Detector is designed to test the integrity of the complete engine system, from the air cleaner to the tip of the exhaust, in a single, 15-minute procedure, with 100% reliability, according to Redline.

Redline Detection Unveils ReadySmoke Diagnostic Leak Detector

New ReadySmoke can pinpoint intake and EVAP leaks in minutes, saving hours searching for cracked or worn components, and allowing technicians to show customers the faulty parts and needed repair, says the company.

Redline Detection Introduces SmartFit Universal Cooling System Test Kit

With SmartFit, technicians have a single test kit that expands to fit 100 percent of passenger vehicles and light-duty trucks on the road today, eliminating the need for the abundance of adaptors necessary to pressure test all vehicles.

Nissan Chooses Redline Detection For Essential Tool And Equipment Program

Redline Detection recently announced it has been chosen by Nissan to provide essential equipment that will be used to service Nissan and Infiniti vehicles at 1,500 locations.

Redline Detection Offers The Smoke Pro Master Tech Pack

The Smoke Pro Master Tech Pack is a comprehensive diagnostic leak solution for your shop. This pack includes Redline Detection’s best-selling Smoke Pro Total-Tech along with all of the accessories and adaptors to meet every testing need.

Redline Detection Unveils Dual Purpose Diagnostic Leak Locator

Redline Detection recently unveiled the new Dual Purpose Diagnostic Leak Locator, offering a full, variable range of low- to high-pressure testing. Applications include both low-pressure leak testing for traditional vehicle EVAP/general repair; and variable/higher pressure testing for forced induction/turbo, diesel and heavy-duty leak detection, using either visible vapor or air only.

Redline Detection Offers High Pressure Automotive Diagnostic Leak Detection

Every technician has replaced a turbo or other costly components only to find that it wasn’t the problem. When it comes to turbo, diesel or any type of boosted engine, until now it’s been impossible to replicate the full boost load of a running engine to find those leaks with the engine safely off.