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CRP Automotive Now Offers Pentosin Transmission Fluid Service Kits For European Vehicles

The kits feature OE-approved Pentosin fluid and Rein Automotive replacement parts for easy installation.

CRP Automotive Offers 2 New Pentosin Automatic Transmission Fluids For Mercedes-Benz Applications

Pentosin ATF 134 FE (Blue) Transmission Fluid is designed for the latest generation Mercedes-Benz 7-G Tronic Plus (NAG II+) automatic transmissions, while Pentosin ATF 134 (Red) Transmission Fluid is designed for Mercedes-Benz 4, 5 and 7-speed transmissions up to June 2010.

CRP Automotive Introduces Pentosin DSG Transmission Service Kit For Audi/VW DSG

CRP Automotive has introduced the Pentosin FFL2 Transmission Service Kit. The kit is designed for the required 40k mile service call on the new generation of Audi/Volkswagen (AVW) double clutch gear transmissions (DSG).