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VW Electric Parking Brake Service

Unapproved methods will set malfunction codes and, worst-case, you could damage the unit.

Adjusting Parking Brakes

You should never estimate when it comes to parking brake adjustments.

VIDEO: Adjusting The Parking Brake

Andrew Markel discusses the added value of adjusting the parking brake as a part of a customer’s brake job. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

Brake Job: 2005-’11 Volkswagen Jetta A5

The rear pads and rotors will typically wear out faster than the front brakes. The Volkswagens of this generation have electronic brake distribution, and under normal stopping conditions, the system will use the rear brakes more than the front. This prevents nosedive and makes for a more pleasant braking event.

Volkswagen Jetta brakes