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Nissan: Abnormal Noise From Front Engine Mount

A single thunk noise may be heard during the first few accelerations of the day from this type of mount, and is considered normal operation.

VIDEO: Motor Mounts And U-Joints: How One Affects The Other

Andrew Markel discusses the relationship between motor mounts and U-joints, and how position changes in the engine can affect U-joints and CV axles. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

Diagnosing Active Motor Mounts On Asian Vehicles

Many automakers, including Toyota and Honda, have changed their lineup of engines to improve fuel economy and emissions. Gone are the high-revving 1.8L and 2.0L four-cylinder engines. Replacing them are engines with displacements ranging from 2.3L to 2.5L. These engines are more efficient and produce more power lower in the power band. But, these new engines increase the stroke and not the bore, making for some unique vibration conditions the motor mounts have to minimize.

VIDEO: Honda’s ACM Active Motor Mount System

Jason Stahl discusses active motor mounts, specifically Honda’s ACM system, and how it communicates with the BCM. Sponsored by Intermotor.

Giving Off Bad Vibes: Motor Mount Replacement Tips

Most motor mounts are relatively simple in design and consist only of metal attachment plates and large rubber insulator blocks. But, some vehicles have “hydraulic” or “hydro-mounts” with hollow chambers filled with glycol or hydraulic fluid.