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VIDEO: Dual Mass Flywheels On Manual Transmission Vehicles

Andrew Markel explains the trend behind dual mass flywheels on vehicles with manual transmissions and when you will start seeing these vehicles in your shop. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

Fixing Subaru Transmission Noise

Courtesy of ALLDATA In cold temperatures, thermal contraction causes a shrinking of the transmission case. In high temperatures, thermal expansion causes the case to expand. These temperature changes affect the amount of pre-load on the transfer driven shaft bearings. In some cases, when bearing pre-load is near the limit of specification, this thermally induced pre-load

Subaru Transmission
Curing Volvo Manual Transmission Rattle

In an effort to increase fuel efficiency, today’s engines produce more torque so they can be ­driven at extremely low rpm. ­Reduced viscosity engine and gearbox oils, less vehicle weight and improved aerodynamics also contribute to better fuel economy. But there’s a downside to this trend: resonant vibration. The dual-mass flywheel (DMF) is designed to

Volkswagen Tech Tip: Clutch Pedal Not Returning To Position

This tech tip provides some things to consider before unnecessarily replacing hydraulic components on Volkswagen Jetta sedans when diagnosing a customer report that the clutch pedal won’t return to its position.

Failing Pilot Bearing, Bushing on Manual Transmissions

Most rear wheel drive, and some front wheel drive, vehicles with manual transmissions use a pilot bearing/bushing. The pilot bearing/bushing

Tech Tip: GM Release Bearing Installation Notes

The design of the release fork on many GM applications can contribute to a very common installation error. The GM release fork has two spring steel fingers attached to the back side of the release fork.

Tech Tips: Active Radius And Its Effect On Clutch Torque Capacity

Many newer-design clutch friction discs are

Timing Belt Replacement on Jeep’s 2.4L PowerTech Engine

In its short life, the engine was available in the 2002-’06 Jeep Liberty (first generation), as well as the 2004-’06 Jeep Wrangler, but was discontinued when Jeep introduced the Compass and Patriot small crossovers.

The DeLorean – Back From the Past Part II

This article explores performance modifications that have been developed for the DeLorean from the time of its release to the present day. Although anything is possible, performance modifications over the past 30 years have focused primarily on the areas of engine modification (or replacement), and suspension modifications. I won’t be getting into time travel modifications – those are beyond the scope of this article.

Tech Tip: Hyundai Fail Safe Mode/Erratic, Hard Shifting/DTCs Set

An improperly functioning pulse generator on a 1996-2000 Elantra, 1997-2001 Tiburon or 1996-2004 Accent may result in the following conditions (Note: These conditions may be intermittent and ­difficult to duplicate.) • Diagnostic Trouble Codes: – P0717 – No pulse generator-A signal; – P0722 – No pulse generator-B signal; – P1624 – MIL-on request from TCM;

Tech Feature: The DeLorean – Back From the Past

The DeLorean was often referred to as “the ethical sports car,” leading to the relatively small V6 engine and stainless-over-fiberglass construction with good fuel economy and long life in mind.