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Being Happy Gets In The Way of Being Successful

Bryce Kenny says his greatest satisfaction comes from helping others to find the courage to chase their dreams.

In Search of a Good Technician

If you believe that “there are no good techs,” or “nobody wants to work,” you probably will prove yourself right and you won’t find anyone!

Three Simple Words: Staying In Front

Like you, I spend a lot of time thinking about industry challenges and potential disruptions. I’m also, without question, overly optimistic. The glass is always, without a doubt, half full. Industry challenges are always surfacing. Current business conditions and the economic climate, finding and hiring techs, investing in the tools to fix emerging technology on vehicles, employee training, tax season, and the list goes on and on, says Jim Merle, publisher of ImportCar magazine.

Major Impacts To Your Business Now And Into the New Year

In spite of your concentrated efforts to more effectively and profitably run your business, various market influences may lay claim to service dollars that should be yours. Take steps now to head off the effects of these impacts, knowing full well that your customers’ affinity for personal vehicles remains strong, and they trust your expertise to keep one of their most prized possessions operating safely and efficiently, says Mary DellaValle, editor of ImportCar magazine.

Lessons From A Day Being Out Of My Comfort Zone

Being under the dash or hood of the modern car is my comfort zone, but it doesn’t hurt to get out of that comfort zone. I could use a reminder now and then that what I do for a living isn’t all that bad, and I owe my customers a great deal of gratitude for their patronage and for putting up with this snarly old mechanic.

Second-Hand Information: When Critical Details Get Lost In Translation

Do you remember when you played the game of “telephone” as a child, and the original information being conveyed was often totally different by the time the last kid commented? The same thing can happen with a vehicle problem when more than one person is involved in getting the information to the person at the end of the line. And who’s usually at the end of the line? The tech.

Making New Equipment Pay For Itself In 90 Days

Purchasing shop equipment is no small decision. After all, new equipment carries a hefty price tag and no guarantee of a return on your investment. In the best-case scenario, the new equipment pays for itself, increases trust and loyalty with your customers, improves efficiency, and leaves you with no regret. But, the opposite is always a possibility.

Do You Know Your Shop’s Break-Even Point?

Business owners need to know their monthly break-even point to help them project business profitability each month. The break-even point is very easy to calculate and will take seconds if you have an accurate profit and loss statement.

The Cost Of Customer Complaints

When it comes to customer complaints, most shop owners are aware that there’s some economic price they’ll ultimately have to pay for the complaint, but will typically have no idea how much each complaint actually costs. This article will aim to bring some clarity to this long-disputed issue.

Lost and Found: When Good Tools Go Missing

How many times have you finished a job, watched the car drive off, and then started cleaning up your tools, only to realize you’ve misplaced something? You’re not completely sure that the missing tool is under the hood or in the interior of the car that just drove off. If you’re lucky, you can call the customer and ask if they’ve found your missing tool.