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Preventing Head Gasket Replacement Leaks (Video)

Head gasket replacement can be like fighting a losing battle. Don’t give up though, there’s still hope! Sponsored by K-Seal.

VIDEO: BMW VANOS Service And Sealing

Make sure you are using new gasket to seal the new unit to the cylinder head. This video is sponsored by Elring.

VIDEO: K-Seal The Coolant Leak Repair Specialists

K-Seal has ALL your coolant leak repairs covered.

VIDEO: Brake Fluid Grades; Too Hot, Too Cold, Or Just Right?

Andrew Markel explains how using nothing but the exact brake fluid in the master cylinder can cause leaks and other issues. Sponsored by ProDemand by Mitchell1.

Nissan VQ V6 Coolant And Oil Leaks

The VQ35 engine series, found in 2001-current Nissan and Infiniti vehicles, is very reliable but does have some issues with coolant and oil leaks. What makes some of these leaks unique is that they do not show up as traditional signs or in conventional locations.

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Pinpointing The Source Of Mercedes-Benz Fuel Leaks

If you’re doing repair and service on ­European vehicles, there’s a good chance you’ll see several Mercedes-Benz E-Class cars in your shop. Between the 2003 and 2009 model years, more than 300,000 E-Class models were sold. They are great cars to service, but one issue we’ve seen is fuel odor/fuel leak complaints. We’re finding fuel leaks that may or may not turn on the check engine light.

Mercedes Benz Fuel System Diagnostics
TPMS Maintenance Minute: Best-Practice Rules To Follow

If you want to get the maximum life of 70,000 to 100,000 miles out of a TPMS sensor, you will have to do some maintenance and follow some rules.

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