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Sneak Peak: Inside A Monotube Shock

Twin tube and Monotube are fundamentally different inside but look nearly identical on the outside. Sponsored by KYB.

How To Choose A Truck Shock & Strut (VIDEO)

Should you just replace the struts or the complete strut with spring & mount? This video is sponsored by KYB.

When Should Shocks And Struts Be Replaced? (VIDEO)

There’s 3 basic guidelines about when to replace shocks and struts. This video is sponsored by KYB.

KYB Offers Consumers The Chance To Save Up To $75

“Feeling Is Believing” allows consumers to earn $75 when they purchase a set of four KYB Strut-Plus products.

KYB Partners With REE Automotive On Modular EV Platform

The KYB-REE partnership marks the first time KYB has formally collaborated on EV platforms with a technology company.

How To Install Struts On Both Sides

The left or right strut installs okay, but the other side won’t line up. Follow these steps.

KYB Doubles Down On Spring Promotions

KYB will be running Feeling Is Believing promotion for consumers and Strut-Plus Rewards for parts professionals.

KYB Unveils New Road Testing App And Updated Website

The KYB Road Testing App helps service providers start a conversation about shocks and struts with their customers.

KYB ‘Truck Months’ Returns For Shops And Consumers

Running November and December, “Truck Months” offers rewards for both service providers and consumers who install KYB shocks, struts or assemblies on trucks and SUVs.

KYB Tech Tip: Use The Supplied Nut

For production purposes and quality consistency, KYB may supply a special nut that matches the new mounting stud.

KYB Meets With Senator Todd Young To Discuss Industry Concerns

“It is quite an honor to have a U.S. Senator visit our facility, he was incredibly gracious and listened intently to our concerns,” said Aaron Shaffer, KYB director of product and marketing.

KYB Introduces Training Hub For Service And Parts Professionals

The all-new Training Hub features two separate tracks made up of short individual modules with the latest technical and sales training content created specifically for parts professionals and service professionals.