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Import Insights: Kia

Kia places third in the J.D. Power APEAL study, and they introduce the 2017 Kia Cadenza.

Kia Tech Tip: Grinding Noise When Applying Brakes

Some vehicles may experience a squeaking or grinding noise originating from the front or rear disc brakes when the brake is applied. The concern may be related to the brake pads sticking and not moving freely in the slides due to lack of lubrication and/or corrosion.

MAHLE Service Solutions Outfits Kia Dealers With TechPRO Integrated ArcticPRO ACX1299 A/C Unit

MAHLE Service Solutions recently completed an agreement with Kia Motors America (KMA) to supply its more than 750 dealerships across the U.S. with the ArcticPRO ACX1299 A/C machine, a specialized version of the ArcticPRO ACX1285.

Kia Tech Tip: Brake Light On, Broken Tachometer, Speedometer Inoperative

The customer states the red brake light is illuminated on the instrument cluster. The customer also states the tachometer and speedometer will intermittently not work. Confirmed the customer’s concern and found the brake light on the instrument cluster was ­illuminated and the tachometer and the speedometer were intermittently inoperative. Removed the center console, inspected the emergency brake switch and found when the emergency brake was pulled up, the tachometer became unresponsive.

Kia Preventive Maintenance

Import Specialist Bob Dowie takes a look at the Kia line of vehicles, focusing on common problems and maintenance items that will have them finding their way to your bays. Kia continues to offer a reliable, affordable vehicle lineup that provides import specialist techs with plenty of opportunities for maintenance and repair.

Kia maintenance hubcap
Kia Tech Tip: TPMS Sensors And Electrical Interference

Some non-OEM electrical products including, but not limited to, some aftermarket in-dash navigation systems originally intended for non-U.S. markets, may emit electrical noise in the 315MHz frequency band and may cause the TPMS low pressure/malfunction indicator light to illuminate.

KIA TPMS light interference electrical
Import Insights: Kia (January 2016)

Soul Wins ‘Active Lifestyle Vehicle Of The Year’ Award Kia Motors America’s (KMA) 2016 Soul was named a winner at the 12th annual Active Lifestyle Vehicle (ALV) of the Year awards in Chandler, AZ.  For the fourth consecutive year, a panel of local media and athletes rated the Soul best in the “Urban” category. “Combining

Kia Battery Discharge At High Temperatures

Some 1998-2001 Kia Sephia 1.8L vehicles built between Oct. ’97 and May ’01, and some 1.8L Spectra vehicles built between Feb.’00 and March ’04 may experience battery discharge when operated in high ambient temperatures for extended periods.

A Look at Next Generation Import Start/Stop Systems

Although stop/start idle ­systems have been used on ­hybrid vehicles for many years, a growing number of non-­hybrid late model import models are also being equipped with this fuel-saving technology. For 2015, almost every major ­automaker offers one or more models with stop/start idle ­control. Many experts predict that within the next two years, over

Stop_Start systems
Import Insights: Kia (November 2014)

Kia Motors America Announces Best-Ever Third Quarter Sales After posting the best first-half performance in company history, Kia Motors America’s momentum continued with record third quarter sales, including 40,628 units in September, up 6.9% over the same period last year. As Kia celebrates its 20th anniversary in the U.S., the fast-moving brand continues to grow

Kia: Added Grounds Can Set Codes

Additional grounds can typically benefit a vehicle’s electrical system. That is, unless the vehicle is a 2008-to-present Kia equipped with a battery sensor. If an extra ground cable is installed on the negative battery terminal, it can cause the battery sensor to send incorrect information to the engine control module (ECM), which can generate all

Kia Electrical Tech Tip
Tech Tip: Kia Constant Variable Valve Timing Oil Control Valve Inspection

This bulletin provides information related to the oil control valve (OCV) used in constant variable valve timing (CVVT) systems. If, at any time, the OCV is suspected as a cause of rough idling, poor acceleration, camshaft timing misalignment-related trouble codes, misfire-related trouble codes, etc., on a Kia vehicle equipped with a CVVT system, be sure to perform the OCV inspection procedure in this bulletin before replacement.