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VW 2.0 TSI Intake Manifold DTCs

Here’s what you need to know in order to repair the issue.

Inspection Intervals

If you fail to inspect an item on the schedule, you could miss out on maintenance opportunities.

VW Intake Manifold

Some owners of VWs & Audis have experienced performance or drivability concerns tied to faulty intake manifolds.

Reprogramming Today’s Transmission Control Modules

It’s understandable to have a lot of questions and fears about reprogramming. 

ALI Introduces Check360 Certified Lift Inspection

ALI’s lift inspection process meets all the requirements of the national safety standard governing lift inspection.

VIDEO: Wheel Bearing Inspection From Pothole Damage

When a bearing hits a pothole, it actually causes a small indentation to one of the races. This video is sponsored by GMB.

State Vehicle Inspections: Something Needs To Change

No one can agree on the execution of a state vehicle safety or emissions inspection program.

VIDEO: Five Serpentine Belt Inspection Tips

Andrew Markel discusses five helpful tips to help a serpentine belt diagnostics go smoother. Sponsored by Continental.

VIDEO: Getting The Most Out Of Your Inspections

Adam Redling delivers three tips to get the most out of your vehicles inspections and fill your sales pipeline more efficiently. Sponsored by Manager SE from Mitchell1.

Summer Vacation Insurance: Catch a System Failure Before it Interrupts Your Customers’ Travel Plans

With many customers scheduling summer vacation road trips, it is important to check vehicles’ belts and hoses before they get on the road.

Summer vacation breakdown
From The Forums: Telling Is Selling – Shocks and Struts

What happens when a driver who declines recommended replacement for shocks or struts does not ask any questions? He goes online and starts asking questions.

From the Forums