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Infiniti Tech Tip: Cruise Control Will Not Set And DTC P0605 Is Set

Improper adjustment or operation of the ASCD brake switch can cause the Automatic Speed Control Device (ASCD) to “not set” and/or DTC P0605 (ECM) to store. If a malfunction in the ASCD system is detected, the CRUISE indicator may stay ON and the “SET” indicator may flash.

Nissan And Infiniti ABS Service: Good Working Order Of The Basic Brake System Eases Diagnostics

On early models, wheel speed sensors send an AC voltage signal to the ABS control module. On later models, active wheel speed sensors change the voltage signal produced by the ABS control module. Active wheel speed sensors are more accurate and work at lower speeds. This is why they are found on most Nissan/Infiniti models after 2012.

INFINITI Tech Tip: DTC P0101 Stored Due To Dirty Throttle Valve

The check engine light is on with DTC P0101 (Mass Airflow Sensor Circuit-B1). No other driveability issues are present.

infiniti dirty throttle valve
Infiniti Tech Tip: Groan Noise Heard From Front Brakes Of QX56

If you confirm a “groan” or “growl” noise coming from the front brakes, replace the front brake pads with the new ones noted in this bulletin. This noise may occur after the vehicle has been stopped several times using moderate-to-hard braking effort. The noise might then be heard during the last few feet of braking when coming to a stop.

Tech Tip: Nissan & Infiniti DMF Installation

Today’s vehicles are becoming more and more complex to service. Proper procedures are very important to follow when making repairs to today’s vehicles. This is especially true when working on Infiniti and Nissan dual mass flywheels.

Tech Tip: Infiniti EVAP Leak DTC Diagnosis – DTCs: P0440/P0442/P0455/P0456/P1440/P1456

Applied Vehicles: 1998 and later Infiniti ­vehicles with an EVAP service port. DTCs: P0440, P0442, P0455, P0456, P1440 and P1456 If one or more of the DTCs listed above related to EVAP system leaks is found stored in Self Diagnosis, use the Repair Flow Chart shown in Fig. 1. Use the EVAP system diagram (Fig.

Tech Tip: Infiniti Front End Popping/Squeaking/Clunking Noises

Applied vehicles: 2004-’10 Qx56 (JA60) [all 2004-’09 and 2010 vehicles built before: 5N3ZA(*)N(**)AN 904401] If you confirm: A noise (clunking squeaking popping) can be heard when performing at least one of the following actions: – turning the steering wheel left or right; – driving over speed bumps; – driving on rough roads; – accelerating or

Tech Tip: Engine and A/C Performance Issues on Infiniti QX56 Models

Some Infiniti QX56 owners may complain about the engine or poor performance from their air conditioner. You may find there one or more conditions that are causing the issues.

Tech Tip: Infiniti DTC P0505 Due To Incorrect Idle Speed

If one of the applied vehicles above has a DTC P0505 AAC/V stored, with no customer driveability incident, it may be caused by an elevated or incorrect engine idle speed setting. In some of these cases, the Idle Air Volume Learning (IAVL) procedure should be performed to resolve the incident. Use the Service Procedure outlined in this Tech Tip to identify and address this incident.

Tech Tip: Noisy Infiniti Water Pump Flange

An Infiniti driver may complain of a screeching noise when the vehicle is first started in the morning. The noise dissipates once the vehicle is warmed up. This condition may occur if the water pump had recently been replaced and the fan coupling to water pump flange bolts were not torqued correctly.

Tech Tip: Steering Position and Yaw

The Electronic Stability Control (ESC) program uses the Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) and Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) to maintain vehicle stability in a cornering maneuver. The ESC program requires the communication between the Engine Control Module (ECM) and ABS controller. This communication takes place on the Controlled Area Network (CAN) buss of the vehicle. The program uses input from the following sensors: steering wheel position, throttle pedal position, throttle position, engine speed, brake switch, wheel speed, yaw and ….

The Ins and Outs of Indirect and Direct TPMS

This is the year of the TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitor System). It’s been coming for some time. In response to a rash of highly publicized rollover accidents caused by tire failures on SUVs, Congress passed a law called the TREAD Act in 2000 which required all vehicle manufacturers to have TPMS on all their cars