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Reducing Reliance On Deep-Sea Mining For EV Batteries

The Blue Climate Initiative said next-gen batteries, now a third of global EV market, reduce reliance on seabed metals.

Welcome To 2035 – What It Might Look Like

The future is what we make it. We need to start addressing technology now so 2035 becomes a bright future.

Bendix Invests In First Major Solar Project

The installation will deliver $140k in utility savings annually and a 3% carbon footprint reduction.

Touch-Screen Needs Drive Faurecia, Immersion Partnership

Demand for interactive touch surface applications grow in cars, driving a greater need for haptic technologies.

Future Fantasy Isn’t As Exciting As Today’s Technology

Our industry knows the future of automotive repair is here, and theoretical ‘what-ifs’ are being overshadowed by ‘what-now?’

Nissan Working On Brain-To-Vehicle Technology

Nissan’s brain-to-vehicle (B2V) technology “promises to speed up reaction times for drivers and will lead to cars that keep adapting to make driving more enjoyable,” the automaker said.