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Carbon Deposit Q&A

Follow along to learn more about carbon deposits.

The Impact of Fuel Type on Engine Performance

When recommending fuel options for customers, consider engine design, manufacturer recommendations and usage.

Checking Your Fuel (Video)

Fuel systems can have many possible issues to diagnose. This video is sponsored by AP Emissions.

Seasonal Fuel Blends And Misfires (VIDEO)

Here’s what happens when your fuel does not match the weather. This video is sponsored by Standard Motor Products.

Cylinder Deactivation And Active Fuel Management (VIDEO)

Deactivating a cylinder requires specific technology. This video is sponsored by Auto Value & Bumper To Bumper.

How To Efficiently Diagnose Subaru DTC P0171

Improperly diagnosing a trouble code can cost time and efficiency. A good start will give a good finish.

VP Racing Fuels Named Official Fuel Of UTV World Championships

The UTV World Championship, owned by The Martelli Brothers, offers spectators and racers the chance to witness intense competition on one of the most challenging courses of the year.

Toyota D-4S: Port Fuel Or Direct Fuel Injection? Why Not Both?

You may soon see a Toyota vehicle that has both direct fuel injection and port fuel injection. You will see port fuel injectors in the intake manifold and a direct injection fuel pump. Toyota calls this system the D-4S or Dynamic Force Engine and the earliest application was on the Lexus GS SUV with the V8. The D-4S system is not a “cold start” or “dousing” injector system, like that on V6 engines from the early to late 2000s.

VIDEO: Fuel Pressure Sensor Diagnostics

Andrew Markel explains what a P0191 code means, and how to ensure an accurate diagnosis. Sponsored by Intermotor.

Fuel Trim And AFR Sensors

This summer, an old friend and former teaching partner arrived at our local car show with the check engine light illuminated on his 2004 Holden Monaro, which was imported from Australia and rebadged and sold in the U.S. Its unique corporate history aside, this relatively rare imported muscle car had the all-too-common P0171 and P0174 trouble codes stored in its diagnostic memory.

Detergents for Modern Vehicles

The method in which modern vehicles consume fuel has changed greatly in the past 20 years. Here is how you can use detergents to keep your fuel system clean.

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