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Fuel Pumps and Cranking

Diagnosing the problem comes down to understanding what causes a loss of fuel pressure.

Mercedes-Benz Fuel Pumps

Mercedes-Benz has long been a pioneer of GDI.

VIDEO: Fuel Pump Level Sender Operation

How do modern gas gauges stay still when the gas in your tank moves around? This video is sponsored by Carter.

Carter Adds Water Pumps To Engineered Pumps Lineup

Carter’s exclusive selection of patent-pending Premium Rapid Fit Water Pumps feature pre-mounted components.

US Motor Works Releases Seven New Fuel Pumps

The latest seven new Fuel Pumps are now in stock and ready to order.

Bosch Adds 19 New SKUs To Aftermarket Product Lines

Additions were made to the rotating machine, oxygen sensor and fuel pump product lines.

Subaru Pulse-Width Modulated Fuel Pumps

I think it might have been a 2003 Subaru WRX, but it was parked in front of my local Subaru specialist’s shop after going on its fourth fuel pump replacement from other shops in less than six months. Both the Subaru specialist and I agreed that fuel pump failures on Subarus were relatively rare, so the previous repair shops had obviously overlooked some very important details.

Lexus LS430 Fuel Pump Replacement

We will use a third-generation 2006 Lexus LS430 as our case study for this fuel pump assembly replacement. First, discharge the fuel system pressure, disconnect the negative battery terminal and drain the fuel. Be sure to remove the rear seat cushion assembly. Consult the owner’s manual for the above tasks. 1. Remove the rear floor

Lexus Fuel Pump Replacement Feature
Nissan: Squeak From Fuel Pump

Customer may report a squeak noise that is: • Coming from inside the vehicle; • Happens after driving for 30 minutes; • Is coming from under the vehicle or from the left rear area of the vehicle. If you confirm that a “squeak” noise is coming from inside the fuel tank when driving over bumps

Volkswagen Issues Voluntary Recall, To Install Revised ECM

Volkswagen of America notified the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that it will be issuing a voluntary safety recall affecting the fuel pump on certain 2009-2014 model year Volkswagen Tiguan vehicles. The recall affects approximately 151,389 model year 2009-’14 Volkswagen Tiguan vehicles. In isolated cases, it is possible that gas bubbles may form in

Volkswagen Tiguan