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Service Opportunities With Stop/Start-Equipped Vehicles

A vehicle that is equipped with a stop/start system may soon be coming to your bays or might already be there on some European and Asian vehicles. These systems can improve fuel economy by 3-5 percent, depending on the driving habits of the customer. For your shop, it is essential to understand what is different on these vehicles, and how those differences might change your diagnostic approach.

Fuel Injector Diagnostics: Thinking Through The Problem

There is almost no way to inspect the spray pattern of the fuel injector while it is on the vehicle, and it is impossible to inspect it on a vehicle with direct fuel injection. You can, however, witness the symptoms of a bad injector.

Would You Install That Brake Pad On Your Car?

Today, we are in a fight against replacement brake pads that put profit ahead of safety. The brake repair market is starting to become dominated by a “good enough” mentality. Good enough to some is just being able to stop in a “reasonable” distance at normal driving speeds, and last for 10,000 miles. But, when tasked to perform an emergency stop or a series of hard stops, the vehicle can become unsafe with longer stops and a low pedal when inferior brake pads are used.