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Servicing Mercedes-Benz AMG Brakes

Take a look at some of the things you need to know in order to service the brakes on a Mercedes-Benz AMG vehicle.

Would You Install That Brake Pad On Your Car?

Today, we are in a fight against replacement brake pads that put profit ahead of safety. The brake repair market is starting to become dominated by a “good enough” mentality. Good enough to some is just being able to stop in a “reasonable” distance at normal driving speeds, and last for 10,000 miles. But, when tasked to perform an emergency stop or a series of hard stops, the vehicle can become unsafe with longer stops and a low pedal when inferior brake pads are used.

Sensing Brake Pad Wear

Modern brake pad wear sensors can do more than just warn the driver of a worn brake pad. These new wear sensors work with the rest of the brake system and can estimate the mileage until the brake pads wear out.

Tech Tip: Four Ways To Make Brakes Last Longer

No one looks forward to coming in for a brake job. But, explaining to customers how to extend the life of their brakes and save money is a no-brainer. It builds trust and loyalty. From a pure safety issue, remind customers that brake pads and hardware last an average of 35,000 to 45,000 miles and should always be checked at that point.