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ECU Reflashing

Reflash procedures are not getting any faster.

Using J2534 Programming Devices

How much money are you losing by not programming?

BMW Module Encoding And Programming

In some cases, a missed detail can turn an expensive module into an expensive brick.

PC ReFlashing And Reprogramming

The choice to reflash is the hardest because there is no one solution or single path to follow.

Tech Tip: Nissan Xterra Hesitates Upon Acceleration

The technician connected a scan tool and found code P0102 – Mass or Volume Air Flow “A” Circuit Low. He then performed an inspection of the mass airflow (MAF) sensor and related wiring harness, but found no obvious faults.

Bringing Down The Bus: Battling A BMW No-Crank

I arrived at the shop and verified the no-crank condition. The dash lit up brightly, but no starter action was forthcoming. Beginning with the basics, I tested power supply at the ignition switch, behind the Car Access System (CAS). This is the module in which the key is inserted. Power and ground was intact; I tested at the starter and found actuation voltage unavailable for starting.

Audi Tech Tip: Dynamic Steering Light On with DTCs/Needs ReFlash

Dynamic steering light is on and DTCs for overload, overuse or steering lock are stored in the Active Steering Control Module’s memory.

VIEWPOINT: Brake Reflashing takes Centerstage

How a moose and a Cherokee could change your brake business.

Tech Tip: GM Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) Relearn

You may experience a problem where a GM vehicle will not start after a replacement IPC has been installed. In this tech tip, you will learn the procedure to enable the new IPC and the ECC to communicate.

Ford Reflash Tech Tip: PC Settings

So, you’ve just finished up a Ford, and you’re about to try and start it up. However, it needs programmed. You’ve decided to use a J2534 tool, but there are certain things you’ll need to consider before purchasing that subscription at www.motorcraftservice.com.

Tech Feature: The Changing Face of Automatic Transmissions

Today’s computer systems have completely redefined automotive operation, particularly when it comes to transmission control.

Tech Tips: FLASH Reprogramming – GM Crankshaft Variation Relearn Procedure

A Crankshaft Variation Relearn Procedure must be performed if on 1996 and newer GM vehicles if: the ECC was reprogrammed; the crankshaft position sensor has been replaced; or the ECC has been replaced.