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VIDEO: Under The Hood, Little Things Make A Big Difference

Underhood components designed for your car make your car operate most efficiently. This video is sponsored by ACDelco.

VIDEO: How OE Vehicle Systems Are Engineered To Work Together

Many parts may “meet spec” but are they the best option? This video is sponsored by ACDelco.

Earn Customer Trust with Ideal Spark Plugs for GDI Engines

One of the key factors for a shop’s success is its reputation for customer service. While you cannot change the way vehicles and parts are manufactured, you can offer confident recommendations to customers on which parts will work best for their needs. The use of Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engines has continued to grow across

Know Your Engine When Determining Spark Plug Service Intervals

How much easier and simpler would life be if every problem had a one-size-fits-all solution? Unfortunately, that will never be the case since almost every conundrum must be mitigated via a solution that involves the precise implementation of a diverse set of actions that have to link seamlessly in order to optimize or improve the

VIDEO: Turbocharged Engines And PCV Systems

More air in the engine means more power at the crankshaft. This video is sponsored by Elring.

Mitsubishi’s 4G63 And 4B11 Engines

Whether a customer has a 4G63 or the 4B11 engine, they are both great options for many different performance applications.

What Was That Bolt Sequence Again?

No doubt you have experienced this before while reassembling a cylinder head.

Engine Leak Diagnosis On Turbocharged BMW V8 Engines

Do not remove the transmission before performing this inspection.

Mercedes Benz ABC Suspension Rocking Motion When Stationary

Perform new SCN coding of ABC control unit, then calibration of plunger travel sensors and load calibration.

ASF Machine Engine Build: Subaru Twin Turbo Flat Six EG33

Find out what went into the build done by ASF Machine!

Diesel Engines And The EPA

Before the EPA started snooping around, there were relatively few restrictions on diesels. That’s starting to change.

Engine Build: Closed-Deck EJ257 Subaru Engine

The shop’s time attack car features this closed-deck EJ257 Subaru engine with nearly 700 hp to the wheels!