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BMW 4-Series Service

The 4-series does not stray far from the typical BMW engineering and operation.

The Five Jobs of Engine Oil LSCCC (VIDEO)

Motor oil lubricates, seals, cleans, cools, and cushions an engine. This video is sponsored by Rislone.

New API Gasoline Engine Oil Standards Coming on May 1

Creating new GF-6 motor oils involved collaboration and testing to protect engines.

Hot Shot’s Secret Offers
 Gray Diamond Euro Engine Oil

Gray Diamond Euro is safe for both diesel and gasoline emissions equipment.

Better Engines Need Better Filters

The new technology allows smaller displacement engines to produce more power. But this put increased stress on the oil and filters.

What Techs Will Have To Worry About With GF-6 Oils

Technicians and shops that perform oil changes in the future will need to pay extra close attention to what they’re putting in the vehicle. While we’re waiting for API’s newest GF-6 oil standard to be approved, we are discovering just what future oil service may look like for shops.

Podcast: Selecting the Right Engine Oil

Lubrizol business manager Martin Birze and PhD chemist Matt Gieselman discuss what to look for in an engine oil and why it’s so important that the right oil is used.

Determining Engine Oil Life: How Do The OEMs Calculate Oil Life Percentages?

Maintenance reminders for oil changes have been around since the early 1980s. Early systems from European and Asian vehicle manufacturers looked at mileage and maybe revolutions of the engine. Today, it is difficult to find a vehicle without a light, warning messages or percent of oil life indicator to get the driver to change the oil.

VIDEO: Oil Specifications On European Vehicles

Andrew Markel discusses oil specifications on European vehicles, and how international committees often work together to improve oil standards. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

Pinpointing Oil Consumption Issues: Now You See It, Now You Don’t

Oil consumption has become an issue because oil change intervals now extend to 10,000 or more miles and because modern engines consume so little oil that many vehicle owners forget to regularly check their engine’s oil level. Worse still, many owners will often run their engines out of oil because they don’t know how to check the oil level. For that reason, oil level warning systems are becoming standard equipment for many vehicles.