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Audi Stop/Start Systems

Stop/start systems are here to stay. As much as some people complain about them, others really don’t mind them, and even like the improvement in fuel economy. Audi first equipped some models with stop/start systems as a standard feature in 2013.  Just by looking at the starter, alternator or transmission, it is difficult to determine

Help Customers Be Comfortable With Engine Components (VIDEO)

Service advisors must ease customers’ minds about ignition components. Sponsored by The Group Training Academy.

Spectra Premium Releases 103 New SKUs In August, Covering More Than 38M Vehicles

Its cooling system coverage included 18 engine cooling fan assemblies, four complete radiators, five dual fan assemblies and seven engine cooling reservoirs for popular domestic and imported applications of more than 24 million vehicles.

Speed Density Systems: Performance Reliability

For many years, most of us believed that the mass airflow system provided the most ­accurate measurement of an engine’s intake airflow. For one thing, not too many things can go wrong with a system that produces a single voltage or frequency input that indicates to the ECM an exact value of intake ­airflow in grams per second.

modern engine speed density test