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SCCA Forms EV Advisory Committee

The EVAC welcomes feedback and encourages those interested in sharing their thoughts to send a letter to the Club Racing Board under the Electric Vehicle Category at crbscca.com.

Autel US Introduces Battery/Electrical System Diagnostics Tool

This new tool line consists of four new tools designed to aide technicians of every level.

VIDEO: Hybrids and EVs Have Two Batteries

The 12-volt battery powers the conventional automotive systems. This video is sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

Audi Tech Tip: Identifying Animal Bite Marks And Solutions

Some customers may report electrical problems that might seem unrelated or in just one system. The issue could be animals biting wire insulation, cables and hoses. Animal damage primarily occurs on easily accessible and exposed parts.

VIDEO: Diagnosing Automatic Headlight Sensors

Jason Stahl discusses the failure signs of automatic headlight sensors, and how to inform customers about how to keep their headlights’ life long. Sponsored by Intermotor.

Piercing And Probing Wires With The Least Damage Possible

Probably one of the most controversial topics among technicians is the probing and piercing of wires and connectors. Some technicians curse t-pins and piercing probes claiming they can damage a wiring harness, while others have zero problems stuffing a blunt multimeter lead into a connector for an ECM.

VIDEO: Electrical Shorts Caused By Cleaning Vehicle Interior?

Andrew Markel explains how the interior maintenance of a vehicle can affect operation of electrical components, including not using too much of a cleaning product and replacing a component after a spill. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

VIDEO: Modern Wiring Diagrams

Andrew Markel shows how to navigate modern wiring diagrams faster by looking at more than just the wiring. Sponsored by ProDemand from Mitchell1.

Honda: Idle Speed Drops When Steering Wheel Is Turned

If the idle speed drops when a Honda’s steering wheel is turned, perform a PCM idle learn procedure and a carbon accumulation check.

honda idle speed drop
Hybrids And Electrics: The Future Of Your Shop

The type of work you are going to be seeing is changing as the vehicle mix begins to evolve toward more electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as cars with small, turbocharged engines.

Automotive Electrical Diagnostics

Electricity can be measured and observed at the source, but the technician has to be able to visualize electricity and how resistance, amperage and voltage change its flow. This can require some imagination, or in some cases, faith. Regardless, the math has to add up.

Acura Tech Tip: Battery Cable Reset For Electrical Problems

Many automotive systems today rely on software. Should that software develop errors, which can happen from something like a low battery or when a learn procedure is interrupted, it can cause all sorts of odd electrical problems that can be difficult to troubleshoot. If you’ve got such a problem, try doing a battery cable reset; it just might do the trick.