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Toyota TPMS Diagnostics

Toyota TPMS might seem like the easiest system to service because most models have a reset button under the dash, but trusting in this button to cure all of your TPMS issues might get you in trouble.

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Coil-On-Plug Diagnostics: Toyota Tundra

Sometimes simple = complex. For example, the modern coil-on-plug (COP) ignition system is perhaps among the simplest to diagnose, but to illustrate the complexities, let’s look at how a 2008 Toyota Tundra 4.0L V6 might record various misfire codes.

ECU Diagnostics

Gary Goms covers the basics of diagnosing a common cranking, no-start problem, be it on the venerable 280Z, or the latest generation of electronic fuel-injection sports cars. Understanding how to use wiring schematics and the full capabilities of a modern digital volt-ohm meter are essential first steps to snuffing out ECU issues.