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Mini Water Pump Friction Wheel Drive System

The tensioner is able to disengage the water pump until the engine has reached a specific temperature.

VIDEO: Don’t Forget The Belt When Replacing An A/C Compressor

Inspect the old belt for groove depth and overall condition. This video is sponsored by Litens.

VIDEO: Power Steering Pump Replacement And Belt Drive Service

It’s critical the pulley is in alignment and the belt is not contaminated. This video is sponsored by Litens.

VIDEO: What Can A Donut Do To A Drive Belt?

Everybody loves a full-lock drift or a smoky donut, but keeping the steering at full lock can have implications for the power steering pump and belt. Andrew Markel explains how power steering fluid can become superheated and damage the pump. Sponsored by INA, a Schaeffler brand.

VIDEO: Understanding Drive Belt Decouplers

In this video, Andrew Markel discusses a new drive belt service opportunity. Many small engines and diesel engines are coming with decoupler pulleys on the crankshaft that are a mixture between a dual mass flywheel and an alternator decoupler pulley. Sponsored by INA, a Schaeffler brand.

VIDEO: Timing And Drive Belt Idler Pulley Bearing Loads

The change in the loading of the bearing can result in damage and failure of the belt system. Sponsored by INA, a Schaeffler brand.

Inspecting Serpentine Drive Belts

A serpentine belt can look good to the naked eye. But, to the ear, odometer and measuring tools, it could be another story. When you are looking at the belt and the pulleys on which it rides, it is critical to use all of your senses.